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Lightning - Vergi Port by Chris Mil | (Follow on 500px)

Colour Your World
Walk With Me - Lisa Mitchell

rainbowsongi: Hi~ You've posted/reblogged Shirota's pics here and I'd like to ask if you know where to listen to/download ALMA's songs. I've been fan since 2009 and it has always been quite difficult to find their audios and there's still songs I've never heard so I think it may be helpful to ask other people who knows abt them. Thank you.

aw.. i’m sorry i’m not big fan of alma and i don’t know where to find all of  their audios all the download links on the internet are dead. but hey don’t be sad i have some copies of their audios on my google drive if u want to get them go here! pls let me know, if there’s any problem :)

*i’m sorry for the late reply i’ve been busy lately hehe*